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About Us...

The Colorado Swoosh Basketball Club is built on the development of character and teamwork through emotional and physical improvement. Coaches will model and expect a tremendous work ethic from each player while providing positive discipline through evaluation and communication. In addition to developing concern for each other and enthusiasm for the game, Colorado Swoosh players will pursue academic excellence and be positive members of their family, school and community.

All players are evaluated and placed on a team based on their skill levels. Our recreational program is designed for the athlete that is new to the game of basketball and is interested in developing their knowledge and skills to take their game to their next level. Colorado Swoosh recreational coach's are considered to be teachers of the game and are under no pressure to win games only to develop players, enabling them to use positive coaching techniques, while building the players' confidence and their love for the game!

Our competitive program is designed for the serious athlete who is interested in playing college basketball, or just being the best player he/she can be throughout his/her high school career. 

As players progress through the competitive levels, we will likely go to college coaches by scheduling tournaments out-of-state, as those events likely have a good attendance of college recruiters. The older teams also receive coaching that places an increased emphasis on learning the college game. Colorado Swoosh competitive teams also play in tournaments that showcase their talents on a national stage in front of college scouts from around  the country.